Monday, August 15, 2011

Getting Healthier by Christmas

It's a big week in loopchange-land.  Another mission hit it's 21 day mark.  Paula has now been encouraging and inspiring us for 21 days and her positive outlook on life has been a refreshing reminder that life is good for each of those 21 days.  
She's shared great (and healthy) recipes, she's been honest about her stumbles and she's shown us what character is all about by staring down temptations and making right choices.  She hasn't quite reached her goal yet, but I have absolutely no doubt that she will and I hope she continues updating her mission because I will be celebrating with her when she does!  

I hope you're as inspired by Paula as I have been.  I think she's honest, genuine, open and committed.  I hope you think so too.

Hi! My name is Paula.  I am 48 years old and have struggled with my weight ever since I married right out of high school. Fifty pounds is what I have put on since that wonderful day when I married my high school sweetheart almost 30 years ago....and he is  still my sweetheart, and we have two children; a son 27 and a daughter 17.  Life has been GOOD, GOD IS GREAT! I have always wanted to loose the weight. I have never dieted seriously, but have always lost about 15 to 20, then gain it back.....and each time I would loose , I would say this feels so good, I am never going to put this weight back on, GUESS WHAT ...I did. I have never been really depressed over my weight.....but knew that I needed to lose it, and wanted to, and wanted to eat healthier and be healthier.
WHAT GOT ME ON THE RIGHT TRACK - My husband and I headed out this past May for our Annual Trip on our Harley Davidson Electra Glide Ultra. The trip this year was to Tennessee and North Carolina…to see the Smokey Mountains. They have some beautiful Waterfalls, and many of them have to be accessed by trails…which YOU GUESSED IT…are straight up the hills and mountains.  Many times I found myself waiting at the bottom of the trails for my husband and friends to return to bring back their stories and pictures. I WAS SO OUT OF SHAPE….my heart had to pump really hard, and it was beating loudly in my ears, and when I did decided to hike up the mountains I was having to stop so often that I was keeping everyone else from getting on up there in a timely manner.  I felt so bad for my husband, because he was having to go with out me.  I could go on more about the trip, and how it affected me, but I think that the point has already been made….lol. I NEEDED TO DO SOMETHING! SO I DID. 
We arrived back home on May 31st, and on June 1st I started my diet, and started to the gym.  I knew I didn’t just need to be a diet, but needed a healthier way of eating for a life time.  I asked my husband if he was ready to diet, told him I was going to be ready for next years trip…..he agreed and we both are doing it together.
LOOPCHANGE…….I accidently ran on to this site……I was searching for some place to record my daily struggles and my daily excitement (when things were going good)  a place to talk to other’s and to share our experiences, our ideas, our recipes  etc. At the time I joined LOOPCHANGE, I had already lost 27 pounds….and was on my way.  I just today made it to my 21st day,  I have lost another 6 pounds since LOOPCHANGE came into my every day schedule. I am pretty sure that I would not have lost 6 pounds as fast as I did, If it had not been for the encouragement, help, advice and recipes that I got from the nice folks here.  I looked forward each morning to getting online , signing in , and seeing all the comments that had been made on my post….BECAUSE I knew that it would give me strength, encouragement and would just let me know that there are others out their dealing with weight problems and other things just as myself.
MY REGRET……is that I have not been able to reply to as many as their post as I would like…my time is limited do to work …..but my thoughts and well wishes were each and everyone of them…no matter what their mission was.
I will continue to update my mission, and I am sure there will be other missions that I will start as well.   I have about 17 pounds to lose to get to my goal of losing 50.  Part of my mission is to lose it before Christmas….I’m certainly going to try…but if not by Christmas….I know that I will lose it not to far from that. 

So there you have it.  If you're reading this, why haven't YOU started a mission yet?  You can do whatever it is that you want to do.  There is no better day to start than today!

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