Monday, July 18, 2011

How have you changed lately?

Can you name one way that you've changed in the last month?  The last year?  I don't think "I get my gas at Exxon instead of Valero now" qualifies.  I don't think "I bought fat free yogurt last time I was at the store" qualifies.  I don't think "I switched my cell phone provider from Verizon to Sprint" qualifies.

This is your LIFE we're talking about!  You only get one shot at it.  Stop settling for an existence that allows days on end to pass without you really even making a ripple in your existence; without you committing to get the most out of this life that you possibly can.

Take 2 minutes.  Make a list of 10 things you'd like to change about yourself - make sure they are 10 things that you actually have some amount of control over.  Some examples might be:

- Cut down the amount of time you watch television each day
- Keep a journal for your spouse and kids
- Modify your diet
- Make time for exercise
- Re-adjust your priorities to make sure you get the sleep you need to be all you can be for your family
- Get a habit like email of facebook under control
- Make time to do something you've always wanted to do

There are endless possibilities.  Pick something, ONE thing and go with it.  You'll be amazed at the amount of momentum you can build as you get through the first thing on your list.

Here is your action plan:
- Make your list
- Pick one thing (make it one that seems easier)
- Tell a friend about your plan
- Go to
- Make an account
- Start a mission
- Come back once per day to update your progress
- Browse the other mission and encourage others in their missions (you'll be amazed at how much strength this step will give you)
- Rinse and Repeat once you've got the first change handled

Now, that voice in your head telling you "I can't", "maybe later", "it's not a good time", "I'm not strong enough to do that kind of thing" - that voice is going to ALWAYS be there.  It will not leave your head until you force it out, so stop listening to it.  You CAN.  Now is perfect.  Today is a GREAT time.  You ARE strong enough and deep down you know it.

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